Saturday, 2 October 2010

A year later

So this summer was fairly uneventful. I had three jobs to try and drag myself out of the massive pit that is my student loan. Anyone who lives in the same town as me will understand everything fun that happens, happens anywhere but Ipswich. i went to London quite a bit, and went to see the Sally Mann exhibition at the Photographers Gallery. Her photographs of rotting dead people were hard look at, and made you think about mortality, but to be honest a big part of me found it really degrading and disrespectful. But they were definitely powerful photographs nonetheless. The rest of the show was based on her children growing up in Virginia. This was my favourite photo, its up on my wall as we speak.

Year number 2 at Northumbria. And theres a photo to show how beautiful it is. I'm only here for 3 months, and then I'm working in London for a year. I chose to go into Menswear design this summer and since then I've read every book on Saville Row, and i was adamant thats where i want my placement. However the project I'm working on currently is with Dunhill. We're designing and constructing an outfit each and directing a catwalk show that Dunhill will watch. They then award one student a years placement paid with the Dunhill design team. Obviously this is an incredible opportunity so I'm working my bum off to get this. Luckily, I'm massively inspired my my chosen theme, so I'm happy.
I promice ill ramble less next time!

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